Selling A House With Foundation Troubles? – 2 Ways To Get A Fair Offer

Foundation Damage

Hearing the words “your home has a foundation problem,” during a home inspection is one of the worst nightmares for homeowners.

From cracked walls in the basement to sagging eaves, foundation issues are time-consuming fixes that are super expensive. If a home inspection reveals foundation damage, you can kiss goodbye your dreams of trying to sell a house fast in Phoenix the traditional way.

That said, foundation issues are more common than you think in Phoenix. The hot and humid climate combined with low rainfall makes homes susceptible to foundation damage in Phoenix. If you’re thinking, “I need to sell my house fast in Phoenix even though I have foundation troubles,” read on, as below we share more about the best home selling strategies being used today.

First things first,

How To Identify Foundation Issues:

Foundation damage happens when the base soil expands, compresses, or moves due to changes in water levels, temperatures, and weather. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide for identifying foundation troubles in your home:

  • Do a visual inspection of your home’s exteriors.
  • Do you detect any unusual bulging or leaning in the exterior walls?
  • Look for chipping, cracks, or warps in the walls, bricks, concrete, or masonry.
  • Inspect the home’s interior. Watch out for the following signs of structural damage:
    • Drywall cracks
    • Windows or doors that won’t shut properly
    • Sloping floors
    • Gaps between the walls and ceiling
    • Uneven floor planks
    • Water retention in the crawl space or basement

Now you can see why many homeowners who are facing foundation issues ask: “Should I fix up foundation issues if I need to sell my house fast in Phoenix?”

The issue is that foundation troubles are expensive to fix, and fixing a foundation is time-consuming. The home inspection fees for checking the extent of damage range from $300 to $600. If you decide to go ahead with the repairs, expect to shell out anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000.

How Can I Sell My Home In Phoenix Even Though It Has Foundation Troubles?

You have two choices: fix the foundation troubles before listing your home on the market or sell it as is. Let’s explore both these choices:

Option 1: Fix The Issues

If you decide to fix foundation troubles, the first step is to hire a structural engineer who can determine the needed repairs and provide you with an estimate of the repair cost. If it’s a minor issue, you can quickly sort it out and get your home ready for the market. However, if it’s a major trouble, it’s likely the cost will be too high and not worth the time and effort you put in.

In these cases, it makes so much more sense to sell as is.

Option 2: Sell As Is

If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on repairing your home before selling it, it’s better to sell your home to cash home buyers in Phoenix. A cash buyer will purchase your home as is, even if there are structural troubles. Once they’ve done the assessment, they’ll make a fair offer, one that’s based on the house’s current condition and market value. You can close within 30 days and leave your old home as soon as possible.

Professional real estate investors purchase properties as is, and they’re responsible for all repairs and renovations. The cash offer value reflects the anticipated price of marketing spend, networking, etc. You’ll see soon enough that selling for cash is the better and more convenient option.

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