The Cost of Cleaning a Hoarders House In Phoenix AZ: A Hoarder Home Guide

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Understanding Hoarding

Before we look at what is the cost of cleaning a hoarder’s house in Phoenix, we should first find out what a hoarder is and what they do.

What is Hoarding?

Hoarding is a mental disorder where people can’t throw away things, even if they aren’t valuable. This leads to lots of stuff piling up, making it hard to live and affecting their life quality.

The Psychology Behind Hoarding

Hoarding disorder goes beyond mere clutter. It’s deeply rooted in emotional and mental health issues. Often, hoarders attach sentimental value or see potential usefulness in items that others might view as trash, making it difficult for them to part with these possessions.

Phoenix Hoarder House Cleaning Costs – An Overview

Steps Involved in Cleaning a Hoarder’s Home

Cleaning a hoarder’s home is not a straightforward task. It involves sorting through items, categorizing them into keep, donate, and discard piles, deep cleaning the Phoenix property, and restoring it to a livable condition.

The Complexity of Cleaning a Hoarder’s Home

The complexity escalates when structural damage or biohazardous materials are present, such as mold, pests, or human waste. This requires specialized cleaning procedures and safety measures. This is where hoarding cleaning services would be a good idea!

Cost of Cleaning a Hoarder’s House In Phoenix

Hoarded Home Cleanup Costs

Factors Influencing the Cost:

Size of the House

As you’d expect, the larger the house, the higher the cleaning costs. More rooms mean more clutter to sort through and more space to clean.

Degree of Hoarding

The cost also hinges on the severity of the hoarding situation. A higher degree of hoarding implies more time, labor, and resources spent in the home cleaning process.

Biohazard Cleaning

If biohazardous materials are involved, professional cleaners with specific training will be required, increasing the overall cost.

Average Cost of Cleaning A Hoarder Home

On average, you can expect to pay between $1,000 to $5,000 for professional hoarder house cleaning in Phoenix, AZ. This range varies significantly based on the factors mentioned earlier.

Dealing with the Emotional Aspects

Compassionate Approach

A compassionate approach is essential during the cleanup process, given the emotional turmoil often experienced by hoarders. It’s about offering understanding and support rather than judgment.

Post-Cleaning Support

Post-cleaning, providing the necessary support to prevent relapse after hoarding cleanups is crucial. This might involve mental health services or professional organizers to maintain the tidiness of the home.

Why Professional Cleaning is Necessary

Hoarding Cleanup Factors:

Expertise and Experience

Professional Phoenix cleaners providing hoarding services have the expertise and experience to deal with hoarding situations. They can efficiently sort through the clutter, identify potential hazards, and clean the hoarder home thoroughly.

Safety Measures

Dealing with hoarded items can be risky, especially when biohazardous material is involved. Biological hazards will increase the cleanup services cost. Professionals have the necessary protective equipment and follow strict safety protocols.


Given the sheer amount of clutter and the cleaning required, doing it yourself can be extremely time-consuming. Professional cleaning services offer a quicker and more efficient solution.

what are the costs involved when cleaning a hoarders house


The cost of cleaning a hoarder’s home can differ massively. Phoenix cleanup services depend on a variety of factors that we have discussed. The main ones are:

Although it might see the costs rise substantially, hiring professionals to do this work is often necessary. They have the knowledge, safety precautions, and experiences needed to return the home to its former glory.

If you are clearing a hoarder’s house with the intent of selling it, there is a way to sell it without having to deal with the cleanup costs, and that is to sell to a cash house-buying company like ourselves. We buy Phoenix houses in as-is condition, which includes homes previously owned by hoarders.

Our house-buying service means we can just buy the home from you as it stands, and you walk away with cash. Even a hoarded home!

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The Cost of Cleaning a Hoarders House - Our Brief Guide


  1. What is hoarding? Hoarding is a mental disorder that leads people to collect a vast amount of items, regardless of their value, and find it difficult to dispose of them.
  2. What factors influence the cost of cleaning a hoarder’s house? The cost depends on a few key things. They include the size of the house, how much stuff is hoarded, and if dangerous materials are present.
  3. What is the average cost of cleaning a hoarder’s house? The reality is every case is different, so much so that the costs can vary from $1,000 to $5,000 on average. The final price depends on all the variables discussed.
  4. Why is a compassionate approach necessary when cleaning a hoarder’s house? A compassionate approach is necessary as hoarders often have emotional attachments to their possessions. It’s important to offer understanding and support, not judgment.
  5. Why is professional cleaning necessary for a hoarder’s house? Professional cleaning is necessary due to the expertise, safety measures, and time efficiency that professionals offer. They can efficiently sort through the clutter, identify potential hazards, and thoroughly clean the house.

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