Selling A House With Unpermitted Work in Phoenix AZ

How to Sell Your House With Unpermitted Work in Tempe Arizona

When considering making changes to your home, it is important to prioritize caution and ensure that any necessary permits are obtained beforehand.

It’s important to never skip this step, as trying to undo the complications you create can be a difficult and costly process. Selling a house with unpermitted work can have its issues

It’s common for some homeowners to try to save money by skipping the necessary permits and disregarding building codes when making home improvements. However, this can be risky and potentially dangerous.

Many homeowners may have saved time and money by avoiding complicated paperwork and red tape, but they may not realize that their homes could become unsafe and possibly uninsurable.

Sometimes, during home renovations, homeowners may unexpectedly uncover previous unpermitted work done by former owners. Regardless of how it was discovered, as the homeowner, you bear legal responsibility for the unpermitted work.

Although selling a house with unpermitted work is feasible, it may require some strategic planning to avoid any legal complications that could impede the closing process.

When it comes to real estate transactions, it is important to disclose any unpermitted work in compliance with the law. Failure to do so can result in significant financial consequences, such as buyers backing out of the deal or having to redo the work to meet code requirements.

There are options available to you.

Discover the process of selling a house with unpermitted work in Tempe Arizona by reading further.

Obtain The Required Permits

In Tempe Arizona, it may be possible for you to obtain retroactive permits for any unpermitted work done on your house, which can then facilitate its sale.

The permit fee is determined by the project’s scale. You’ll have to complete an application that describes the work and wait for the inspector if one is accessible. Please be patient.

Please be aware that some deconstruction may be necessary for inspectors to review the job and ensure compliance with safety and code regulations. It is important to stay calm throughout the process and remember that the permit office and inspector are here to assist you.

It’s possible to have penalties or fees waived if you were unaware of the work. Additionally, you may consider taking legal action against the property’s former owners.

In case unpermitted work is discovered during negotiations with a buyer, they may choose to walk away from the deal entirely, ask for the work to be permitted before closing, or negotiate a significant reduction in price.

Rebuild The Work

If the work in your house is not up to code and unpermitted, you might have to redo the previous improvement in order to sell your house in Tempe Arizona.

In case the initial work does not comply with the guidelines, the expenses for obtaining permission and finishing the project will inevitably rise in proportion to its scope.

The city will inform you of the necessary steps to fix the issue and provide a timeframe for completing the modifications.

It’s unfortunate that the home didn’t pass inspection, which will inevitably lower its value due to the subpar renovations. This may also make it difficult to secure loans from lenders. It’s important to carefully consider the cost of rebuilding versus the property’s current value and decide if the investment is worth it.

The extent of the unpermitted renovation may require a difficult choice of demolishing the current structure and rebuilding it entirely.

If you were not responsible for the unauthorized work, it is advisable to promptly seek compensation from the former owners.

It’s important to note that there are specific time limits for filing a lawsuit after a discovery has been made.

Sell Directly to Us – We Buy ‘As-Is’ Including Unpermitted Work

If you find it more convenient to let someone else take care of the task, the simplest option would be to sell your Phoenix property as-is, with any unpermitted work included, to us. This way, you can save both time and money.

Our team of experts will evaluate the potential earnings you could make by repairing and selling your item on the market. We will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of our calculations to ensure that you find our offer to be fair and agreeable.

No hidden fees are coming off the top of your profits.

The offer is the amount of money you receive.

With our cash payment option, we offer you the freedom to choose your preferred closing date. Whether you need a quick closing in a matter of days or wish to delay it to accommodate your moving plans, we are flexible and ready to assist you.

If you’re relocating, simply bring along your desired belongings and entrust the remaining items to HBSB Holdings - Cash House Buyers. You won’t have to concern yourself with conducting a final cleaning.

At HBSB Holdings - Cash House Buyers, our experienced pros take the time to listen and are happy to answer your questions or concerns with no obligation.

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