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Need to sell your house fast in Phoenix? We can help.

If you need to sell your house in Phoenix fast, we can help. We buy houses in Phoenix for cash, and make fair, all-cash offers on all types of properties. You won’t have to get your home inspected or make any repairs either, because if your house is a good fit for us, we’ll buy it “as is”.

We’ve helped many clients sell their homes or properties quickly, and paid them cash with no extra fees or commissions. In fact, we buy houses all across Arizona – in any condition – and help you sell your house as quickly as possible.

We stand for honest, transparent, reliable solutions to real estate situations.

We know that time is a valuable asset we all have a limited amount of, so we make sure to stay on task to understand why we came in contact with someone and the most efficient way to help them.

Anyone can say that they’re the best, but we prefer to prove it.

These guys get the job Done!

Very professional, Thanks again!The experience was good.. Everything was smooth and everything went well with the transaction of the sale. Scott was really nice and explained everything really well.

On the rest of this page, we’ll walk you through how the process works, tell you more about who we buy from and what kinds of houses we buy, and also give you a quick summary of selling to us vs. selling to a local Phoenix realtor to help you decide if selling to us is a good fit for you.


Who We Buy Houses in Phoenix From:

We buy homes from anyone who needs to sell their house or property fast. We know that there’s a number of reasons you’re here, and looking to sell your house as quickly as possible.

You might be selling fast to avoid foreclosure, or maybe you’re looking to sell as quickly as possible for a big job move.

Or maybe you’re just looking for a cash buyer for a property you inherited, and don’t want the responsibility of caring for and maintaining.

Whatever your situation, we can help. Just fill out the form below, and we’ll get in touch with you ASAP to learn more about your property and your situation.


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Selling to an Investor vs a Traditional Realtor.

This is a common question.

“Should I sell my house to an investor, or through an agent?”

There’s no one answer for everyone. It really depends on your situation. We’re not going to tell you that we’re a good fit for everyone. Some people may be better served going through a traditional Phoenix realtor, while others will do better with us – because we provide the right solution, that they’re looking for, to their problem.

Here’s a quick summary of the selling process of each, so you can have a better understanding and decide for yourself:

Selling through a traditional Phoenix realtor.

This is the most popular way homes get sold in Phoenix.  The general process of working with an agent is…

  1. You contact a local or Arizona based agent and they visit with you about your house to determine what they feel it may sell for.
  2. You sign a listing agreement with the agent (normally 6 months) where they exclusively represent and sell your property.
  3. Agent lists property on the MLS, markets it, and takes buyers through your house for showings (a house should show well to sell well).
  4. If a property sells, the agent takes care of the paperwork and negotiation with the buyer… and the agent collects their fee… which is usually 3% for them and 3% to the agent that brought the buyer (so up to 6% of the total purchase price of the house).

Cost: Selling agent fees are usually about 3% of the total purchase price.

The “buyers” agent usually earns 3% as well (totaling 6% in agent fees). As an example, if your house sells for $200,000… you could expect approx. $12,000 of that to be paid to the agents at closing.

Timeline: From 3 – 12 months (with an average of 6 months in many markets)

Pros: A good Phoenix based agent will know the market well, and be able to present your house to a braod range of retail home buyers. They’ll also take care of marketing and showing your property, and putting together your closing documents.

Cons: It can be expensive. An agent’s commission is paid out of the proceeds of the sale at closing. Most agents tend to do “traditional” marketing which often takes 3-12 months to sell a house (in most markets the average time on “market” when listed with an agent is 6+ months currently).

This of course means you’re responsible for the costs of the house while it’s trying to sell.

The main buyers that agents look for, are obviously those who are looking to move into your house, and live there for a longer period of time.

What this means for you, is that you’ll have to keep the house “show ready” (clean and tidy, making repairs when needed, and paying to keep the house warm and inviting through utilities). In addition to this, there’s always the chance that the deal could still fall through, or that the closing date might get delayed.

One last “con” is that many retail buyers will ask you as the seller to pay for part of the closing costs… so this is an additional expense in many transactions.

Make sure you take into consideration the “carrying costs” of selling your house through through a traditional real estate agent. While you’ve got your house on the market, you’ll need to keep paying your mortgage, taxes, insurance, utilities, HOA fees, and any other additional fees unique to your situation.

Here’s an example…

Let’s say your mortgage payment (including taxes and insurance) is $1,500, and it takes the agent 8 months to sell the house at full market value.

That means that during the 8 months you paid $12,000 in payments on that house.

You Should Work With an Agent If…

  • You aren’t on a time crunch and can wait 6-12 months.
  • You have enough money or  room in the transaction to pay the agent fees.
  • You want to get FULL market value for your house.
  • You’re willing to wait it out until a buyer comes along who is willing to pay full market value.

Phoenix Based Home Investor

The general process of selling your house to a Phoenix based real estate investor who buy homes for cash is…

  1. You connect with the investor and submit your information about your house and
    situation to them.
  2. Investor will evaluate the house, come up with a value for it, determine if any
    repairs are needed, find out what your goals are, and make an offer that fits their
    buying criteria and helps you reach your goals.
  3. You look at the offer and decide if it works for you.
  4. If it’s a fit, closing happens at a title company and the title company prepares the
    documents… the investor buys with all cash so it’s a quick close and you get your
    cash quickly.
  5. The house sale is complete.

The process can take from 7-30 days (many times investors can close within 7 days if you need it to). It is the option that many sellers go with when they need to sell their house fast with little hassle.

Cost: The cost to sell your house to a real estate investor is very low. There are no commissions or fees and often times the investor will actually pay for 100% of the closing costs as well.

The benefit here is that selling your house for cash eliminates thousands of dollars of costs that you’d normaly pay when working with an agent and selling the traditional route.

On the flip side, understand that the home investor simply can’t pay full market value for your house. If he/she could, it wouldn’t be an investment!

Basically, the trade off is that most investors (like us), at least the reputable ones, buy your home as-is, for cash, with no upfront fees. They take care of working with the bank and the paperwork. This allows investors to buy houses more quickly, but still make the profit they need to have it be worth it for them.

For many people… selling at a lower price makes sense in return for the elimination of commissions and fee and the much faster timeline to sell your house.

One analogy that may be helpful is of someone trading their car in to the dealership.

We all know they aren’t getting paid what they could if they took the time to sell the car themselves. They’re trading it in in order to sell quickly, and to eliminate hassle, headache, and to make it more convenient.

In order to avoid dealing with the drawn out process, (making repairs, negotiating, keeping the house in “show condition”, etc.) it’s worth it for some people to sell their house fast, get an all cash offer, and be done with it.

Pros: You’ll sell your house much faster by going through an investor, as quickly as one week (if you want to). There’s also no up front fees or commissions, and many times the investor will pay closing costs. Just like working with an agent, the closing will happen at a title company. Finally, you won’t have to make any repairs, clean anything, or even remove anything from your house.

Cons: Cons: Just like with anything, there are drawbacks. The main drawback may be that you are selling at a discount in return for the speed and convenience that a real estate investor is able to offer.

If you’re able to work with an agent and the agent is able to sell your house for full market value within 3 months (and you can wait 3 months)… you may be ahead going that route.

But, if it takes longer than 3 months for the agent to sell it… the “carrying” costs we mentioned earlier start to eat away at any gains you may have working with an agent.

You Should Work With an Investor If…

  • You need to sell really quickly
  • Time and convenience are more valuable to you than getting full market price
  • You don’t want the hassle or headache of managing and upkeeping the house during the sales process
  • You don’t need market value on your home


  • There are NO fees or commissions
  • We can close quickly (in as little as 7 days if you need to)
  • We’re buying it AS-IS… so you don’t need to repair anything
  • We close at a reputable 3rd party Title Company (you can choose your own if you want)

Request An Offer For Your Home!

Complete the form to receive your cash offer in 24 hours or less!
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There’s lots of Phoenix home buyers out there. Here’s what makes us different: trust, honesty, and transparency.

We know that when it comes to selling your house, there’s lots of Phoenix based companies making offers. So what makes HBSB different?


Our company is built on trust, honesty, and transparency. It’s because of that that we’ve been able to grow at such a rapid pace, and see the success we’ve had.

We do what we say we are going to do and answer every single question you have.

Just like with anything, do your research and make sure you trust the investor you’re working with and make sure the actual closing is done at a reputable place like a title company. The vast majority of real estate investors out there are honest and do great business. Work with those ones, ask for references if you’d like, and trust your gut.

Scott was great! Experience was great! It was exactly what I expected. If I sell my other property’s I will use this company again!

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How to sell your house fast in Phoenix:

If you’d like us to make a cash offer on your house, here’s what to do:

  1. Fill out the contact form below, it just takes a minute.
  2. We’ll contact you ASAP.
  3. If you’re a good fit – we’ll make you a cash offer and help you sell your house as fast as possible.

Once our offer is accepted, we’ll work to close quickly. In fact, we can close in as fast as 7 days if you need to!

Now What? What to Expect After Contacting Us.

After you fill out the form above, expect to get a phone call from us at HBSB Holdings to get a better understanding of both the situation and the property.

We want to understand why you’ve have decided to fill out the form, in order to better understand the way in which we can best serve you.

Basically, after you fill out the form – just relax, and we’ll reach out to you ASAP and find out more about your home.

We Also Buy Commercial Properties in Phoenix!

If you’ve got a commercial property in Phoenix you’d like to sell, let us know! If you’re interested in getting started or finding out more, jsut email us directly through our contact page or call us at 4803314165.

HBSB Holdings is a real estate investment company that buys, remodels, and sells homes. You can read more about us here. We’re honest, require no extra fees or commissions, and have helped many people across Arizona sell their homes.

“I could not be happier with the sale of my long-time rental property to Scott Bower and HBSB Holdings!!!
Scott delivered on his promise of a quick close, cash sale. He and his title company associates were available and attentive. We even had complications with outgoing tenants, but Scott was able to flex and save the deal!
I could have have sold for slightly more on open market, but I would have had the expense of realtor’s commission and property rehab. Scott cut me a check and allowed me to walk away painlessly with a similar net profit.
You can trust Scott, he’s a straight shooter and a man of his word!”

Ross B

We were very satisfied, the sale was handled great. It was an easy process and nice experience. No complaints!

Sandra W.

It was a very nice experience. Scott was very nice to work with.

Dinos G.

It was great! It went really smooth! Currently talking about doing a few more sales with him! Looking forward to our future business!

Michael S

Everything was great. Closed right away. The process was smooth and easy.

Jim P.

The sale of my home went pretty good, working with Scott was good.

Gail W.

These guys get the job Done! Very professional, Thanks again!

Thomas B.

The experience was good.. Everything was smooth and everything went well with the transaction of the sale. Scott was really nice and explained everything really well.

Kim B.

Absolutely darling! He’s (Scott) just the best! Great team and very nice people. It was a very nice experience.

Pat M.

Scott was great! Experience was great! It was exactly what I expected. If I sell my other property’s I will use this company again!

Max K